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Friday, August 22, 2003

Financial worries 

It's Friday before classes start so that means that there's still some chance of a TAship turning up. I'm of mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, it will be very difficult to deal with schedule-wise. I'll be asked to have two hours of classroom time along with an hour in the math lab. This on top of my classes and observation hours would mean that I cannot really consider any high school for observation more than a couple miles from the university.

On the other hand, I love TAing, and I could really use the $800/month that they offer. The one current bright spot was that I was offered a tuition and fee waiver for this semester so that's $2750 less that I need to come up with, although the bill that will come in October will still be for about $750. Not to mention that I still need to pay my summer bill somehow today. The loan application won't be completed until the end of September at the soonest, and the initial loan amount they're offering won't cover my living expenses at all. I've got to submit more paperwork which will take another 8-12 weeks and then they'll let me have more money. Maybe. At least if that comes through the spring, when I'm student teaching, will be a bit more rewarding.

My morning class is abstract algebra. I loved the 300-level version of this class, and I'm looking forward to the 500-level class. I picked up the text over the summer and worked through about half the problems from section 1.1 earlier in the month, but other pressing concerns have sidetracked me from finishing the book (said with a sly grin). I've not visited the book store to find out the bad news about my other classes yet.

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