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Sunday, September 28, 2003

First week of observations over 

I'm overdue for an update, and readers are actually stopping by now. I've had, at this point, a total of five different class rooms to observe. Friday's was the first that I really had any positive feelings about her teaching approach, although that may have been the students that she had. I liked her approach to reviewing the quiz that the students had and I think that I'll apply that approach to what I do in my TA sessions.

I've given a list of classes that I'd like to see to the department head. I've decided that I want to see at least one section of every class that they offer from the most remedial level to AP calculus, so that means I won't do any longitudinal observations this week.

I've been laid up this weekend with a nasty cold, which is unfortunate since I'm behind in my homework already and I've got a big stack of midterms to grade for Tuesday.

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