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Friday, October 10, 2003

Anti-union biases all around 

Listening to NPR last night, I caught a story about the garbage strike in Chicago being about to end. And for the first time, I heard an accurate statement of what garbagemen make. Previously I had heard that they were currently getting $21/hour. WTF? that works out to about $42k/year, which is more than beginning teachers in Chicago make.

But the NPR story said that garbagemen make $12-21/hour. Well, that makes a lot more sense all of a sudden. At the top of your career as a garbageman you might make more than a beginning teacher, but the teacher who's been working as long as you have will doubtless still be making more.

The other disturbing part of the story was the mention that the mayor of Chicago was considering sueing the union for the costs that were incurred because of the strike. But shouldn't the private garbage collection firms also share part of the blame for this? This really bugs me because it's happening in other spheres as well. Eric Gjovaag reports in his blog about a plan by parents in his district to sue the striking teachers, ignoring the culpability of the district in that strike.

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