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Monday, October 13, 2003

Grading Behavior 

From Behind the Teacher's Desk links to this article at the Washington Post on grading behavior. My approach is based partly on a grading scale from an article in Mathematics Teacher in an article called, "Oral Quiz" (I don't have the citation handy, unfortunately). For my Saturday class which meets once a week, I have four points that are given out at each class meeting: This is based on the things that I value in my student's participation in class. There's one point for each item. The total points for class participation add up to 10% of the grade. Enough to make a difference of one letter grade, but not enough to pass a failing student, or make an otherwise dramatic difference in class. I'm not necessarily crazy about the fact that half the points are available just for showing up on time with class materials, and I'm using this system for the first time this year, so it remains to be seen how effective it will be, but I'm hoping that with students aware that their participation in class does effect their grade, it will positively shape their participation.

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