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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

No School Left Unfailing Part II: Know Your NCLB 

Here's the second part of Jay Bullock's series on NCLB. Some interesting points, although most striking to me is something that bothered me when I first read the NCLB documents at whitehouse.gov: The idea that threats of punishment will somehow make schools better.

The big problem I see is that taking money away from a failing school can't possibly improve it. There's no mechanism given to improve failing schools, just threats of punishment. Giving more money to a school won't necessarily make it better, but taking money away from a school will almost certainly make it worse.

And one more thing: "to sanction" means to give approval to. "a sanction" is a punishment. The NCLB documents from bush get it wrong, and they speak about failing schools being sanctioned.

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