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Thursday, October 23, 2003


This Chicago Tribune article details one of the most stunning screw-ups imaginable in education:
State law mandates that beginning teachers get special training and mentoring programs to obtain a standard teaching certificate required after four years on the job. But those programs don't exist.
And it's not just that some school districts lack the program. Or that many school programs lack the programs. There are no programs at all.

There's also the question of, what sort of mentoring program makes sense for a teacher who has been teaching for four years. Implementing a one-size-fits-all program is a recipe for disaster, as those teachers who have more experience will be doubtless annoyed if they have to go over the same "here's how to write a lesson plan" material that beginning teachers implement.

Once again, one of those situations where a well-meaning regulation at the state level causes havoc because it's not thought through.

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