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Monday, October 06, 2003

Out of curiosity 

Are there any public school teachers or administrators out there who are supportive of No Child Left Behind? Most of the pro-NCLB commentary I've seen comes from people outside the education system, and I would estimate that half of that tends to be more a critique of administrative attempts to work aroudn NCLB rather than outright endorsement.

For that matter, how do the NCLB supporters rationalize the widespread opposition to NCLB by those in education? Do you simply assume that all educators are more concerned with protecting the status quo than improving education? That those on the front lines have less understanding of the issues facing schools than do politicians in Washington?

There are schools desparately in need of reform. Only a fool would argue otherwise. The question really is how best to accomplish this reform, and I've not seen any indication that NCLB is anything close to the way to do it.

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