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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Some reflections on discipline 

My main purpose in writing this blog was to give me a forum to reflect on my teaching experiences. That said, I should get some reflecting in.

I have, at this point in my high school observations, had a chance to see nine teachers in action. It's interesting to note that teachers tend to attribute student's behavior in the classrooms primarily to the students, but what I've found watching the teachers is that student behavior levels are pretty consistent across classes for a given teacher, but do vary for different teachers. I haven't seen enough to know why, for example, teacher A has consistent talking in class while teacher B does not. I imagine a big part of it comes from the tone set at the beginning of the year by the teacher. My own experience has been that when I had classes start with a relatively social activity (like a non-academic ice breaker), it resulted in excessive social talking for the whole class. I wonder if that had something to do with how things went?

Any teachers out there reading this, I'd love to have your comments on this.

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