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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Lesson Planning thoughts 

Curiously enough, tonight's ed class was on just the sort of thing I talked about in the last blog post, the relation between assessment and objectives. As I'm working on tomorrow's lesson plans (and ideally Friday's as well), I'm employing a lot of this. The way the classroom that I'm teaching in is set up, it's difficult for me to do some of the evaluation that I'd like. I go to individual students' desks at the beginning of class to check their work and I have a few questions that I use as sort of touchstone to check on progress.

I think that the algebra kids are doing ok, despite my failing to keep my planning where I wanted it to be. I'm actually a touch ahead, assuming that they do as well with today's homework as they did with yesterday's. I think that I may re-insert a section which I had pulled on simplifying radicals since it seems like we're in pretty good shape and actually a day ahead of schedule.

Geometry, I'm still struggling with making it all a coherent whole. Part of that was a result of my being very disorganized with the start of class. Doing a paper-folding exercise while I was checking homework turned out to not be a good idea. Tomorrow, I think that we'll do some reinforcement of some ideas with fractions that were evidently weak in today's exercise. They weren't sure how to find, for example, 1/3 of 12. But how to write that in a lesson plan? Perhaps we can do that at the review time later in the unit? But that's no good, it seems then like I'm letting the lesson plan be too much of a dictator of what I'm going to do in the class. I'm not even sure what section I'm doing tomorrow. Probably bisectors since I can do more with the fraction stuff at that point. I'll put it in a worksheet for homework.

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