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Saturday, November 01, 2003

Parent conference day 

Today was parent conference day for the saturday teaching job. These are good parents who are actively involved with their students' education. The parents of the 3rd period kids are going to come to class with their students to make sure that they're behaving properly, which should help.

3rd period today spent the whole class period arguing class policy with me. Arg. It was a shortened period to begin with so we didn't have that much time to go over this week's homework. In 2nd period (same class, different kids), we managed to do some group work going over the proofs but the planned quiz had to be cancelled. I'll give it to them in two weeks (after the test) instead.

The trig kids disappointed me by not getting the homework assignment at all. I had hoped that they would be able to use their graphing calculators to do things like graphic sinθ without too much difficulty, but apparently it just escaped them. It doesn't help that they have teachers telling them that this is beyond them. The hell it is. Sophomores, especially sophomores taking algebra/trig at one of the prime college prep schools, should be able to use their calculators to do function graphs.

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