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Friday, November 14, 2003

Saturday class grading 

I've finished one class's grading for my saturday class. Oh God, it's been a disappointment. There were 42 points and after grading the class I had a high score of 25.5 points. I modified the total points by scoring each question by the highest grade I gave on that question rather than my original weighting, which revealed an interesting thing: Even though all students did poorly, they all did poorly on different things. By doing this weighting, I brought the total down to 37.5 points. And my high score is still not passing.

So I went over the questions and picked those for which the class average was 70% or more. Those were covering material that the class as a whole apparently learned. I gave extra credit for each of those questions equal to the points that each student learned (so students who didn't learn the basics that everyone else did were effectively punished in their point total). Then I took those questions which had a class average under 20% and added the points earned for those questions as extra credit to reward those students who had learned material that their classmates had not. This improved the distribution although it was still not where I wanted it to be: My final grade distribution for the first class:

But the thing that annoys me the most is that the highest scoring student is one who consistently did not do homework or the journal assignment. He could have an A. He should have an A. But instead he's failing.

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