Vito Prosciutto: Teaching community college math on the road to a PhD.

Saturday, December 13, 2003

Saturday teaching 

Well, the kids were a bit rambunctious today, but there were also some bright spots. It took a great deal of re-teaching, but I think that the trig kids got the diagrams for sin a+b and cos a+b derivations (I'll see when I look over their quizzes). With geometry there was a very positive reaction to this puzzler:
The sum of two numbers is 5
Their product is 7
What is the sum of their reciprocals?
(I'll leave the answering of this one to the commenters). When I showed some of the kids how we can turn some of the problems from geometry into algebra, they also got excited about that. I've got a big fat stack of grading to do, though, and finals to write for next Saturday.

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