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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Books, ID and some minimal planning 

First stop this morning was to get my ID. The woman who handles IDs had left her office an hour earlier than the schedule claimed she would and seemed rather annoyed at having to go back. Apparently the hours for the ID office have changed, so it was actually nice of her to let me get my ID today rather than having to wait for tomorrow. I actually had a bit of a wait after that as it was the brief homeroom period of finals week and my mentor teacher with whom I was meeting had to be in the room with the kids.

After that, it was her prep period and she showed me the scantron readers and how they were being used although she did mess up so she didn't get the item analysis she wanted, then we ran about to arrange for keys and parking (both of which had to wait until noon).

I picked up my textbooks (I just got student copies, I actually kind of prefer to have the exact same book that the students do), and we spent some time going over how she does end-of-semester grading. GradeQuick actually looks like a very useful piece of software. I think that I may go ahead and spend the $60ish that it costs so I can have my own copy running on my Mac (the price--literally!--that I pay for swimming against the current).

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