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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Day 2, plus seminar 

Second day went well again. This time, there was the homework check-in. I'm not sure if the opening exercise that I selected was too hard for the kids or not. It helped to walk through it for them, though, and I think that it shed some additional light on the homework that was due. I had been worried that I wasn't going to have time for everything that I wanted to cover in class, but my fears turned out to be unfounded, in fact I finished a couple minutes early, so I gave them some time for in-class work, but that seemed to be greeted with indifference. I think the next time that this happens, I'll put a problem on the board and have them work at it individually at their desks.

Which reminds me that I've been doing a bit more direct instruction than I'd prefer with the class and really no guided practice.

I also need to be careful about being sure to give wait time when I ask a question. I waited what seemed an eternity (but was probably about 3 seconds) and was rewarded by one of the students volunteering the answer that I sought.

The student teaching seminar looks like it'll be much less demanding than it had seemed at first. The opening exercise really wasn't a harbinger of things to do, and there isn't any reading due until February, and that is relatively light. I can worry a bit less about all of that.

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