Vito Prosciutto: Teaching community college math on the road to a PhD.

Friday, January 30, 2004


We had the first test today. The earlier class got a little talk-y as the students who finished early had to wait out the class period. I ended up giving three detentions. I've only graded a few of the exams, but have at least two students who didn't make the 70% line that I'm demanding of everyone, and I'll have to do after- and before-school reteaching to bring them up to par (so yes, I did get approval for my no failures policy). The first assignment for those getting retaught will be to copy all the theorems from the chapter into their notebooks along with an illustration for each, and to find a problem from the chapter that uses that theorem along with its answer. I'm hoping that this exercise in itself will be a good learning experience for the students.

I had one student appear who has been absent from class for most of the last two weeks. Apparently he was suspended. I never saw the point of an out-of-school suspension when I was a student and as a teacher, I still find the practice pointless. The business of students is learning. Taking them out of the classroom doesn't help that at all, and as a behavioral remedy it seems counterproductive since the student will be behind academically and will have an even harder time in the classroom and will likely behave even worse.

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