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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

My no failures policy 

I'm thinking of announcing tomorrow (as we approach the first geometry exam), the following policy on failures:
I intend to assign no failing grades in this class. What this means is that if, after, any exam, you are failing in this class, you will be required to come in before or after school for additional review until you are able to take a test on this material and score a B or better.
My inspiration on this was a comment from the teacher institute a couple weeks ago where the consultant talked about schools where students who didn't fulfill the performance objectives for a section of the course were required to redo that material until they did. This is one of those things that seems like common sense upon hearing it, and yet is completely absent from most practice (although one of my fellow grad students said that she saw this at the charter school where she observed in the fall).

I was going to talk to my mentor teacher about this today, but she had a doctor's appointment (same sub as yesterday) so she wasn't present.

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