Vito Prosciutto: Teaching community college math on the road to a PhD.

Sunday, January 11, 2004

Saturday teaching 

I got a call Thursday while I was out of town visiting my fiancée letting me know that yesterday was not going to be a teaching day. Nice of them to give me advance notice. I would have liked to have spent another couple days with her.

I arrived back in town early Saturday morning and courtesy of a comedy of errors just made it to the Saturday session (they still asked me to show up and I wanted to get a parking pass for the spring anyway). I introduced myself to the students and was asked to explain the meaning of the work in a freshman calc class. I think I may have oversold the amount of work.

One student asked if we would do any discrete math. Oh joy! My favorite subject. I told her that this would be very possible. I've come up with an organization plan where I'll do one hour in-class lessons and I'll give them a make-sure-you-know-this sheet before each class to make sure that they're up to speed for the class. Next class I'll do a pre-test based on the university's math placement test and give them a roadmap of university math classes (this latter inspired by some of the questions I heard yesterday).

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