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Monday, January 12, 2004

Student teaching organizational meeting 

We spent three hours today for the student teaching organizational meeting. The only part that felt particularly worthwhile was the breakout session for the math people where we got some more particulars. This week will not be particularly interesting since it's finals week at the high school. I'm supposed to go in, but what, exactly, I will be doing, well, who knows? I guess the key agenda items will be getting my ID, parking permit and textbooks. I've decided to put off until tomorrow the trip to Office Despot to get the supplies that I'll need for getting organized (my plan is to use colored folders for each day of the week to have everything planned in advance, as well as expanding my index card system to use color-coding for each class.

One amusing moment was when one of my classmates asked about how much time he should spend planning for class. The prof responded, well, you should sleep 8 hours each night, and I'll be generous and give you 2 hours for eating, then subtract 5 times 50 minutes for your class, and you do the math.

I would think that he'd have some idea of the time involved from the fall Ed class. I typically have found that I need about 1-2 hours per class prep most of the time. I'm hoping that it will be lower by the time that I have to do the full 3 prep course load mid-semester.

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