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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Teaching as Organizing 

I've been meaning to link to this Pedablogue post for a while and since it's shown up on a few other teacher blogs, it's about time to add my own comments to the discussion. In some ways the post title, "Teaching as Organizing" kind of says it all. In some cases, with good curricular materals, a lot of the organizing, at least at the global scale, is taken care of for us. To me, an ideal text book would be written so that we would be able to cover the entire text, spending one day on each section, for a whole school year. Whether I ever have such a textbook, remains to be seen.

But there's also the question of dealing with the organizing within the lesson. And this is where things become more art than science. As a teacher I need to be aware of what will help the students learn best, and will also let me remedy any deficiencies that the students may have, both in the learning that should have taken place in my class, and also in the classes leading up to my class.

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