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Friday, February 20, 2004

Another quick day of comments 

My boardwork is improving considerably. I'm making a point of being more organized about what I do, and I hope it's paying off.

On Fridays the school has been doing the 2nd hour announcements on video. Today's announcements started five minutes late, then ran for half an hour. This called for a bit of adjustment in the lesson plan to say the least. There was one point during the extended video included in the announcements where the narrator said something along the lines of "but we're not finished yet!" which had my mentor and I both visibly rolling our eyes in frustration with this.

I have a new student in my geometry class. It's the end of the fifth week of the semester and they're still moving kids around! She looks like she's going to be a good student though, there were many points where she was the only student taking notes.

In the evening I went to a meeting of the local chapter of NCTM. The primary focus was on motivating students to want to do proofs. This is a big problem with so many of the proofs that we do in geometry class: There primary purpose is to give the students something to do with their theorems. I wish I had the time to come up with more project-oriented proofs in each chapter. Next year perhaps. Or maybe next chapter.

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