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Friday, February 27, 2004

A few miscellaneous tidbits from the rest of the day 

Once a week (roughly), in Advanced Algebra, there's ACT prep. My mentor is keeping control of that part of the class, but since most of my section is seniors, the rest of the class effectively has a study hall. I ended up using this time to do some individual re-teaching of the material for students who had some difficulty being caught up with the homework or understanding some of the concepts. It's kind of relaxing and a nice way to interact with the kids for the period.

Geometry was a bit chaotic. We spent a bit too much time in both classes reviewing homework problems, so I felt a bit rushed getting through the distance formula and analytic proofs. I think that what I might do for Tuesday is give them a handout with the homework worked out and have them come in after school with further questions. I gave them a handout today which consisted of "hints" for the problems on the last test. Students who want to retake the test need to re-do any problems they got wrong correctly. Once they've done that, I'll let them take a new test to improve their grade.

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