Vito Prosciutto: Teaching community college math on the road to a PhD.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004


It seemed as I was checking in the homework that I had a pretty good completion rate among the students. I'll see what things look like with the quiz tomorrow. I'm avoiding being creative with the quiz questions and instead I'm picking questions that are very much like the problems that we saw in the homework and perhaps that will help. It's a bit frustrating for me to see the students frustrated (and for my mentor teacher as well). She wasn't really able to offer any specific suggestions on what to do to improve my teaching, saying that she didn't see anything different about how I taught compared to her.

In the second geometry class, I somehow ran out of time much faster than I expected, and after I finished reviewing the homework (which I would have guessed was going faster than it had in the first class), I noticed that I only had 10 minutes left. I think that my plan for the last two days of this week is going to be revised. The golden ratio lesson for tomorrow will be scrapped in favor of homework review and some reinforcement of ratio and proportion from the first section. Then the golden ratio computer activity will be revised to be instead a similar polygons lesson. This seems like it will have better pedagogical value. It's a pity that we'll be dropping some of this out, but I think that some of the material, I can re-use as class openers next week.

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