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Saturday, February 07, 2004

Saturday teaching - signs of life 

I had very different experiences with the first and second classes today. The early kids followed the lesson pretty well (we went from reviewing the laws of exponents to seeing how these translate into rules for working with logarithms and ultimately how to find, e.g., log45 using your calculator which has no logx button. I think that I may have to start writing two lesssons. But not yet. Next week is a three day weekend so I'm going to visit my fiancée. I'm leaving behind a computer exercise where the kids will do some function graphing using Microsoft Excel. The week after that is another day that I may not be present depending on what the schedule will be for testing (I know I'm taking my last certification test that day, but not whether I have a morning or afternoon time slot). So it won't be until the 28th that I have the kids again. We'll see how much they remember then and for March I may start writing dual lesson plans. I'm hoping at that point that I'll have a better handle on time management with the student teaching so adding one more lesson plan a week won't be that hard.

Oh, one last note: The kids seemed very curious about where I teach. After one class, one girl told me that I should try to teach at her high school next year. It's nice to get that occasional bit of praise, especially after this week.

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