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Monday, February 23, 2004

Sick day 

I've been fighting off being sick since sometime last week, and today sick won. I'm going to stay home and in bed.

My big challenge of the morning was trying to reach someone to tell them. One mentor teacher had her cell phone apparently turned off, and I seem to have misplaced the other mentor's cell number. Oops. I didn't have the direct-dial number for the math office. And it was before 7:30am so there was no one answering the phone at the district number. Dial-by-name didn't work, and the option that would allegedly reach the school gave me instead "not a valid option". I played voice mail roulette until finally at 7:30 someone answered the phone. It took her 2 tries to get me to someone who could convey news of my absence and today's assignments to my mentors.

So now, I can finally go back to bed. When I wake up later today, I'll write a bit about the weekend.

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