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Wednesday, February 11, 2004


TeacherInsightTM is a product provided by The Gallup Organization (yes the polling people) as a means of HR screening. It's used by the major metropolitan district where I'm applying (and as many other school districts as the Gallup Organization was able to sell the product to). It's about 30 questions or so long and my initial reaction to the product, that I don't like the idea of a website trying to do what a job interview should do, was reinforced when I actually did the questionaire.

Item one: If you have to do this, it's probably a good idea to fill it out when you're feeling good about your teaching. I'm guessing that the selection will be biased towards people who are happy positive teaching-is-a-great-career types. Which is not to say that I'm not that, but this past week has been rough enough on me that I probably ended up coming out a bit more negative than I might otherwise (curse my pathological honesty!).

Item two: Many of the questions in the multiple choice/Likert scale section were the sorts of questions that I would have liked to have given more nuanced answers than were possible in this context.

Item three: It did give me a sense of the sorts of questions that might be asked in a real life job interview.

But I still vote thumbs down to TeacherInsight, and it seems like it's a bit of snake oil being sold to school districts.

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