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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Catching up 

One thing about keeping an on-line journal: It kind of enforces honesty. While my classmates may write their journals on Tuesday night and pretend to have done it earlier, by keeping mine on-line, I end up having to admit falling behind.

So here's what's been missed:

Algebra: The algebra students seem to be quite comfortable with the beginning part of chapter 11. Percents and proportions have both gone reasonably smoothly. Inverse and direct variation wasl also pretty straightforward. Then comes the hard stuff: Rational expressions. Grading the quizzes from Friday it looks like most of the students have most of the material down pretty well, but we need to review some portions of proportions to make sure that we have that a little stronger.

Geometry: We've wrapped up the first part of the chapter on right triangles (all except the trig, which my mentor suggested holding over for after the chapter test). We were on a tight schedule so there was only one day of review and the kids were a bit ansy during the review in the earlier class, although the later class was a bit better. I think that the list of names of kids with detentions helped because it served as a metaphorical head on a pike.

Advanced Algebra: Another chapter wrap-up here. We ended up slipping a day which caused a surprise for my surprise observation today. One of the supervisors arrived to observe, but the kids were in the midst of an all-period quiz, so there was nothing to see. It seems likely that she'll be back tomorrow.

Saturday College: The digression from factoring continued for a bit this week as I showed how polynomials can be used to model dice probability. I've decided to let the second class just be a week behind the first class. They were quite a bit less excited by the card probability exercise than the first class, which was a bit of a downer. I'm afraid that they might react similarly to the dice probability lesson, so perhaps I'll just bring them back up to speed with the first class this Saturday.

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