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Thursday, March 25, 2004

Job fair and interviews 

A few quick notes on the weekend job fair and interviews (yes, I'm behind on this).

First, the interview: It was a relatively quick thing with the associate principal (I later found out with some web research that the school for which she's an associate principal doesn't actually have a principal. Instead the usual principal role is handled by a group of associate principals). There were some questions that I think I could have answered better in retrospect, but I think that I did well with the interview. One interesting thing was that the AP mentioned that she's looking for someone to run the school paper which would be a great fit for me.

The job fairs didn't seem especially useful I got a little bit of face time with people from the districts and hand-delivered resumes and applications to some districts on my short list, but I didn't especially feel like I got anything out of the process that I couldn't have done with the internet, a phone and a couple visits to the post office. Although the principal from one district on my short list did ask me to e-mail him with my interview availability. On the other hand, I haven't heard back from him yet.

There's one test that I'll need to improve my marketability that I'm thinking about making an extra trip out to take. I could probably schedule things so that I have time for an interview or two.

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