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Thursday, March 11, 2004

My laptop died 

Tuesday night at 5, my laptop started to have he display fritz out then locked up. Over the last couple of days I managed to keep the computer alive long enough to back up critical files (my gradebooks, yesterday's quiz which I'd just finished typing...) and today I dropped it off at the Apple Store for a warranty repair. This is the second time it's gone in for repairs. Last time, it was promised back in 3-5 days and was gone 3-5 weeks instead. I'm hoping that it actually comes back in the promised time span. Meanwhile, I'm tethered to my desktop Mac which I hadn't used in such a long time I've lost the mouse. I ended up making a Target run and buying another one. I ended up getting a wireless mouse since if I was going to buy another mouse, it might as well be one which gives me something new...

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