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Thursday, March 18, 2004

Notes while waiting in the airport 

Tomorrow I won't be teaching because of a trip to my future home for job interviews plus a couple job fairs. It will be a quite busy weekend.

My mentor for the algebra classes was out today, so I had a sub observing. Not a big deal, but I left my keys at home, so I wasn't able to get into the classroom until much later than usual. She's also going to be out tomorrow, so I had to put together a plan for a sub being in the room. Since I can't count on the sub knowing any math, I ended up finding a couple worksheets for my students to do instead.

Geometry was in the computer lab, doing some exercises in anticipation of the coming chapter. I need to re-write these, however, so that it's more clear what we're up to with each exercise. On the other hand, getting a chance to try these with the students helped identify where the problem spots were.

"Cindy" took the quiz that she missed yesterday and aced it. The only points that she missed were really technicality points: She didn't simplify a couple fractions. On the other hand, she told me that she was going to go home early to take care of her child so I let her out of the classroom (with instructions to check in with my mentor who was back in the classroom before she left). Then I saw her two periods later. She's bright, but will also take advantage of people given a chance.

There are weather and air traffic problems here at the airport, so the place currently looks like Calcutta. Every eatery has lines well into the corridors and almost every seat is taken.

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