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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

So today at school we had a fire 

Not a fire drill, an actual smoke and flames fire.

The alarm went off about ten minutes into a test which I'll have to reschedule for tomorrow. Of course today was the day that my mentor was on a field trip so I had a sub in the room instead. And neither of us were really familiar with the fire procedures. I collected tests as students left the room, grabbed the attendence book (as insisted by my seminar instructor in an earlier seminar discussion).

Once outside, it was chaos as we had all 4000+ students of the school on the sidewalks across the street from the school. I lost most of my students and the sub and after discovering that most of the other teachers had lost their students and weren't terribly concerned, I stopped my efforts to round up my class and instead focused on keeping a couple gang members nearby under observation and being a conspicuous observer of their actions. I'm not sure, but I may have deterred a fight.

After about half an hour we were directed to herd the students into the field house (which was good because it had gotten awfully cold again round these parts) and we then spent another hour waiting to get directed back inside. 3rd hour was officially cancelled and 2nd hour was effectively lost. The rest of the day went pretty close to normal.

Fortunately, I have some flex in my schedule so I'll be able to accomodate rescheduing today's test for tomorrow with 2nd hour. Third hour will require cancelling a quiz, but I should be able to be on schedule. I think that I'll give the quiz in some form tomorrow, but perhaps not grade it.

I also took over my mentor's other Advanced Algebra class today so that they could continue to proceed in the limited time available. The lesson went pretty well, but it's a relatively easy one, on how logarithms and exponential functions are related.

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