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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Interview week 

I had my interview at District A today. Pretty low key. The questions are pretty much straight out of the teacher interview book (if you're looking for a teaching job, or in ed school, go get yourself one, I really liked Inside Secrets of getting a Teaching Job). The one question that I don't really have a good answer for is "what do you do if you have a really disruptive student in your class?" I answered that I'm not entirely sure, I've not had a really disruptive student in my class. I talked a bit about how I deal with the mildly disruptive (I spend more time by their desk while I teach), and then said, that I would probably go to the deans and experienced teachers for advice in that situation.

I should know by the week's end whether it's probably or not at all (if the former, they'll call me back for a teaching demonstration, if the latter, I'm guessing no call at all).

I also have an interview with the principal at the school in district L where I sent a resume last week. So it might be a rather busy week here after all.

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