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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Latest news on the job search front 

Interview #2 took place this afternoon at one of the high schools in district L. It was a startling contrast to district A. This was clearly a lower middle class school, with the grounds in some disrepair and a more obvious security presence on the grounds (I had to sign in and out here as opposed to the other school where I was able to freely walk on and off campus). One thing I learned was that first-year teachers in district L are guaranteed their own rooms. After that, well, it's anybody's guess. This particular school is running at capacity but has managed to avoid being required to go to a mulit-track schedule. I like that they've decided to abandon a 2-year algebra I sequence in favor of having the first year of that sequence focus on pre-algebra skills building and then approaching algebra at a regular pace in the second year.

On the flip side, there's the distance. District A would be an 8 mile/15 minute drive. This school is 22 miles/38 minutes under optimum conditions (and mid-day it took me closer to 50 minutes). District L apparently also has a hiring freeze in place which means that at best I will see a job offer sometime in mid-June. But on the whole, I think that the interview (with the principal and head of the math department) went reasonably well.

I had a request to fax my letters of recommendation to district A come in response to my e-mail to the v.p. there that I had forgotten to produce those during the interview. I hope that's a good sign, but as of this posting, no further response yet. Oh well.

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