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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Reviving a good idea 

Folkbum started it, and Ms Frizzle gave it a shot, but it seems to have fallen by the wayside.

It being Folkbum's project to "take the lowliest of the Insignificant Microbes, linking to that blogger, and trying hard to say something nice about his or her blog."

Here's my twist on the project. Rather than this being something that stays on one blog only, it's a hot potato. Post a comment saying your taking up the challenge, then get the lowest insignificant microbe from Truth Laid Bear (unless it's still the one last linked then move up one) and do your part. We get two experiments in one: There's the original project, plus we also get to watch the six-degrees of separation effect in action among the edublog readers (I wonder how long it'll take before the project escapes out of our little edublogging circle... and speaking of which, apologies for those of you not in my blogroll, it's long overdue for an update).

But without any further ado, I give you my microbe du jour:

The Canadian Law School Blog which has managed to live for two years without anyone linking to it. The author does have some readers as evidenced by the comment activity, but it kind of indicates the deep fear of those of us who do this: We pour our hearts out on what might approach a daily basis (or more frequently), but what if no one's actually reading? The author actually has just finished his stint at law school and is passing the torch. It's a great concept and part of what I had thought of as my original raison d'etre, to let those coming after me know what to expect.

I'm personally not that interested in law school (having been successfully scared off by John Houseman in The Paper Chase) but I for those considering it, this looks like a must read account of what the whole thing is like.

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