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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Job hunt news 

It's been a while since I've posted, but given Dave Shearon's goading here's the current status:

It looks like district G is out of contention. Or at least not being friendly about inquiries. It's a pity because that's where I live and it would be nice to have that short of a commute.

The interview with district P went OK, although the assignment would be at their Freshman-only campus. I don't think that I want to do that.

I had an interview with district R today. I had written them off long ago. I had the first interview with them on March 20th! This would actually be a fun assignment. On the big board it's listed as 2 algebra, 3 geometry, but in my case it might turn into 2 algebra, 2 geometry, 1 journalism. That could be a lot of fun (and would greatly confuse the students). The interview seemed to go very well and I was surprised how well the AP who spoke with me in March remembered me. The administration at the school seems to be quite good and I think it would be a good match (although this school has the lowest salary of any school that I'm considering).

District W who I applied online with yesterday just called to schedule an interview for next week.

District O is currently contacting references and once I'm cleared, I'll be in the availability pool for principals to contact me.

Tomorrow I may go to a placement fair for District L, but I also have a lot of unpacking to do still (78 boxes by last count) which must be finished by Saturday (we're having a party).

Earlier this week I tried to apply for my in-state credential. Except it turned out that the printout from my old state's website of my credential was inadequate. Fortunately my paper credential turned up (finally!) today. Frighteningly, this is apparently fast! I also discovered that my new transcripts for my master's program don't actually mention that I have a degree. But I do have a letter from the university stating that I completed the degree so I can take that to the department of ed on Friday to prove that I do in fact have a degree as well as all those graduate units.

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