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Saturday, August 21, 2004

A bit of a break from blogging before the school year starts 

My TiBook needs to go in for service so that'll be tomorrow or worst-case scenario Monday. I'll probably stay off-line while it's gone, so no new entries. New Teacher orientation starts on Wednesday and when my computer comes back I'll write about that, but in the meantime, there's likely not much to write about.

At some point, I'm going to do some housecleaning of my page template (I've started by clearing out the links section which I never did much with anyway). I'm also going to make the layout a bit more individualized now that I know a bit more CSS than before (although the basic color scheme will continue to be based around a green background). Also expect some housecleaning in the blogroll. There are more than a few worthy blogs there that are going to get knocked out while others get added in. What I'm thinking is that I want to limit by blogroll only to active K-12 teachers writing at least part time about teaching. Which means that Assorted Stuff and Nobody Knows Anything are going to go. On the other hand, my Safari bookmarks folder is full of others which should get added in. Sometime near the end of October, I'll do a quick check and anyone who hasn't written since the start of the school year gets the bump. Also going is blogroll.com's management of the links. I can never remember my username/password for the site, or to go to it at all, for that matter, and for as long as I used it, the blogroll has fallen static, so it's time to give up on that.

So happy trails for now, and may all your lessons be planned. Catch you later this week (Apple willing).

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