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Friday, August 13, 2004

My cup runneth over 

Hmm, here's the current situation: I've got the offer from district L. Then today during my district D interview, I got a voice mail from district R offering me a 60% position. I could potentially get two more classes as "period instruction" which would, in fact, bring me to a full teaching load, but I'm not sure how that would effect things like benefits. Doing a bit of quick arithmetic, I found that at my salary entry point, I would make about the same amount of money with 60% + 2 periods as I would at 100%. And this would include the journalism class.

On Monday, I need to call the other two schools in district L (or at least "Calvin"). Plus there's one more interview.

As for district D, I felt good about the interview, and I was apparently one of only 3 candidates being interviewed. I met one other who was an elementary teacher with a little experience who wanted to make the move to middle/high school. No idea who the candidate behind door number 3 was. But I will know where I'm teaching on Monday.

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