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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Orientation day 1 

(From the department of there are other computers in the house besides mine).

I got to do a dry run of what my schoolday commute will look like. I tried the freeway to school in the morning which worked out quite well. I could safely get up 10 minutes later in the morning and still make it to the school by 7.30a, so it looks like the drive in won't be too bad. I tried surface streets coming home and found that that looks to be about an hour. I'll give the freeway home a shot tomorrow and see how that does for me.

The orientation was filled with some minor useful information (mostly from the union) along with a jumbled mess of other stuff. I did get a credit union sign-up form and also filled out the form that lets my health insurance contribution come from pre-tax dollars.

We did get a free copy of The First Days of School which I had been planning on picking up myself so I saved some money there at least.

Tomorrow will be a county-mandated session on teaching a diverse population. Probably akin to today's sexual harrassment lecture, but longer.

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