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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

So what else did I do today? 

It was a pretty full day of presentations. Some good news about the school's performance on test scores and other measurements (we're above the state average in all categories), assorted miscellaneous presentations about the changes in the school and updates on the construction (a few buildings, it seems are going to be unavailable for weeks or months).

The afternoon was a presentation on the school's discipline system, particularly dress code, tardy and truancy policies.

What mystified me was how difficult so many of the teachers found it to listen, or at the very least not talk during the presentations. I missed large chunks of the morning presentation because I just could not hear. In the afternoon, I sat front row center which helped a great deal, but the talking was, if anything, worse. I've seen this elsewhere as well, and it always astonishes me. Surely, teachers, of all people, should empathize with someone speaking to a group and not talk if not listen while the speaker is speaking.

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