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Tuesday, August 31, 2004


I cracked out a beer for this one.

I had an inkling that things might not go well when I found out on Friday (remember, school starts in one week) that the AP had not yet talked to the previous newspaper advisor/journalism teacher about being replaced yet,

Well he talked to her today. It apparently did not go well. She was in tears, according to him. So now they're rethinking the plan.


And he mentions that they sent her to a journalism workshop over the summer.


They were talking to me in March about replacing her and they not only don't give her any inkling, but they send her to additional training?

So now things are up in the air. There's some discussion about having me serving in some sort of consulting role for the paper, and frankly, I'd be happy with doing just the extracurricular part of it or somesuch, but come on, this is just not the best of signs. I'll do my best to cope though, however this turns out. More to come, no doubt.

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