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Monday, September 13, 2004

And then it's Monday again 

5th hour was under control today (I think the fact that I didn't give them any slack helped), but 6th hour got a bit wild. It was a bit chaotic because I was slow getting things started (curse the new seating chart). I'll have it all worked out by next week.

A few notes:

If you don't allow students to go to the bathroom, they'll stop asking. If you mark students tardy if they're not in their seats when the bell rings, they'll start showing up on time. When I student taught, my two mentor teachers had somewhat different discipline philosophies. One teacher was free about bathroom passes and allowed students to run to their locker and be late if they checked in first. Lots of kids wanted to go to the bathroom and were late as a consequence. On the other hand, she was much stricter about classroom noise, and as a result, I didn't have a problem with that when I took over her class. The other mentor was stingy with bathroom passes and stricter about tardies. I don't think that I had a single tardy while I had her class, but because the talking wasn't well-controlled by her, that was a big problem in the class.

I think I've got the behavior part of classroom management down.

I've got a lot of students who've not been doing homework. When they have their detention slips, they'll start to realize that I mean it. I hope to eliminate the undone homework problem by the end of this week.

I need to do the homework before I write the lesson plan. It seems pretty obvious that this is essential.

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