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Monday, September 20, 2004

Calling home 

At times I wonder whether I'm cut out to be a teacher. One thing is that I tend to be a bit social phobic, and calling people on the phone is a very difficult thing to do. But I have one student for whom this is no longer optional: He's been consistently coming to class without materials and hasn't completed one homework assignment in the last two weeks. It took me about ten minutes to work up the energy for the call, but once I placed it and spoke to my student's mother, she was quite receptive. Apparently mine was the second call she received from the school today. I let her know that her son would be asked to stay after school every day until he caught up on the homework.

In other news, passing out grade reports made the geometry kids a bit more concerned about their grades. The algebra kids, on the other hand were almost completely out of control. That class, I think will be required to take their progress report next week home and have it signed by their parents and returned.

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