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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Day 2 

This really can't go on. I realized that my time on campus today was a bit over 10 hours. I need to become a bit more efficient in my use of time. leaving the apartment at 6.30 and getting home at 6p is not a good idea.

Last night I looked over the students' questionnaires and it was clearly a well worth-it exercise. I've learned about Filipino languages, gotten a chance for students to let me know a little about themselves (sometimes things that they weren't necessarily intending to, like their linguistic abilities).

Today we had a bit more academic content: I'm realizing that I really rather despise the Glencoe Algebra text's organization. I think that I'm going to need to employ my copious spare time in writing a new algebra text book. I think something that was actually written based on the state standards rather than paying minimal lip service to them would be a good start.

I have stacks of quizzes to grade (yes, I quizzed them on note taking skills, plus the dress code and even a couple questions about math), so not much more to say tonight.

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