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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

A good day and then 

Despite still feeling weary and sick all day, my teaching actually went reasonably well. Between a seating change, an absence and getting one of the troublemaking kids out of the classroom for the period, 5th hour was actually reasonably sane. 6th hour took sending two kids out of the room (one of whom had to be escorted because he refused to leave), but once that was accomplished, the class was on task and I think did a decent job of learning.

And at the end of the day, as I'm beginning to feel better about myself, I find a note in my mailbox. I have a meeting with one of the APs on Friday morning, which is "disciplinary" and that I can bring a union rep if I choose.

I'm thinking not. I have no real expectation of what will happen, but I figure that either they'll fire me, and my life will be better, or we'll come up with a plan to improve my classroom and my life will be better, or they'll impose some irritating sanction on me and my life won't be appreciably different.

I've been researching PhD programs in case I decide to get out of 9-12 education. I should be able to teach community college with my master's, but I'm thinking that teaching preteachers is the most appealing idea. There don't appear to be any math ed doctoral programs in these parts, instead I've found 4 pure math PhD programs (the one that best fits what my research interests would be is of course the most selective one of the lot and the one that rejected me as an undergrad so I've got a bit of an inferiority complex about it). There are also some possibilities in Education PhDs, although I'm less convinced that this is what I would want. If I did the college education thing, my idea would be to teach an advanced Euclidean geometry class and perhaps a methods of teaching for math (intellectually, I know what to do, it's in the execution that I fail... much like intellectually, I know how to play the trumpet, but in practice, I'd be unlikely to make something resembling music from a trumpet).

I should register for the GRE.

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