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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Homework is getting done 

Well, a stern warning got many of the geometry students' butts in gear and they've been getting caught up on their work. I do, however, have about 2 students in each class who do not have textbooks. I'm going to start bothering every person who I can about at least getting photocopies of chapter 1 available for each student who doesn't have the book.

On the other hand homework check-in took far too long today. In most classes I didn't have time to do all of the lesson, and in Algebra 1, I actually ended up doing a mini-review instead of a new lesson today because of the shortened time. It does give me a chance to get caught up on planning though.

I had an extra 6 kids come in for the CAHSEE review (there, I've done it, I've admitted I'm in California! Oh no, my anonymity is almost blown!) today. We spent the hour primarily on scientific notation and started fractions. The CAHSEE actually expects students to do prime factorizations so I moved from doing some fraction problems into prime factorizations which I described as the keys to the kingdom.

At home, I found an invitation to become a sustaining member of the California Republican Party. Did I check the wrong box on my voter registration? I'll become a sustaining member of the CRP shortly after I go insane and decide that I would like to sacrifice my country's future so that the rich can get richer. The dems are not always better, but at least it's a move in the right direction. Most years I just vote communist.

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