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Thursday, September 16, 2004

I fucked up today. 

Forget using the n-word in an educational context, I let a student bring me to the point where I lost my temper and I grabbed his arm when he tried to walk away from me, and I ended up in a conference with the student a parent and an AP. This is the sort of thing that could have gotten me fired, I've been told.

The long version of the story: Student X is being disruptive in class, and after being told he can't go to the bathroom walks out of class. He does eventually return, but I have him down for defiance and am planning to write him a referral. Then his cell phone rings. This is against state law, and I ask him to hand me the phone. He refuses, and gets out of his seat to walk away, I grab him on the arm, he wrenches himself away and walks out of the classroom. I call up campus security to have them pick him up. After that it's incident reports, the aforementioned meeting. It left me more than a little shaken up and when I came back to my room after the meeting, I just sat at my desk for a while and cried. To add insult to injury, between a late hire, scheduling conflicts and procrastination, I've not gotten my TB test yet. I've been told that I might be pulled from my classroom tomorrow. I'm hoping that I can avoid that, just because I don't want any students to think that this is related to today's incident.

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