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Friday, September 17, 2004

Needles, pep and another day of teaching 

With a few exceptions, my 5th period class was much better behaved today, although I had one student who'd been absent yesterday who kept trying to throw off the class by asking about what happened yesterday. Sixth hour is continuing to be a bit more chaotic, but I can see some hope there.

I've not heard any more about what's going on with the incident yesterday. I'm not going to lose my job over that, and in the short term my TB test is a greater concern. I'd hoped to get it taken care of this morning during 1st hour, but there was an accident on the freeway that turned my normal 36 minute drive into a 65 minute drive. I ended up getting my shot for the TB test after school (I managed to be off the school groups by only 3.30!).

With the shortened schedule this morning because of a pep rally, I only had some ten minutes when I arrived at school to get myself together for my first class. Fortunately, I had planned as if I wasn't going to be in the classroom at all, so everything was lined up. I think that the lesson went very well, and I'll see what comes of it when I check in homework on Monday.

The detention policy has worked very well so far for getting students to complete missing homework. I do have a couple students who still are missing homeworks, but I wasn't able to do their detentions yesterday because of the incident meeting.

The pep rally was rather interesting, and I was pleased to see how well most of the students got into the whole school spirit thing. Especially given the heat of the sun. I ended up ducking under the bleachers about 45 minutes in, and only poked my head out periodically to check on one of my students who was in one of the competitions.

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