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Thursday, September 30, 2004

So this blog might be coming to an end 

Because I had another incident today. This time, after a number of provocations, I told a student in 6th period to f herself. Really stupid. But if they fire me, they fire me.

And of course because this happened on back to school night, all the parents who came in had heard about it. What was nice, and not that surprising in retrospect, was that the parents were supportive of me. (It shouldn't have been surprising because it's the kids who are getting As and Bs whose parents show up for these things.)

I wasn't as prepared as I'd hoped to be. I didn't have all of my props, and I didn't get things set up so that I could do my fancy powerpoint presentation. Oh well.

So to paraphrase one of the greatest movies ever made,

Good night, good job, they'll most likely kill me in the morning.

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