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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

A student wants to leave 

but I'm not sure I want to let him go. He's concerned that the course will be too hard, but aside from falling behind in his homework, which he's made good progress on catching up with, he's doing OK. He's currently at a C, and I can see him doing well enough on the test to pull that up to at least a B if not an A.

To help him see what was ahead, I showed him the rudiments of the proof of why the segment bisector construction worked. He was able to follow it, and then I pointed out to him, that there's actually three chapters between where we are now, and where the class will be when we get there, and it's still more of a proof than we'll likely see in this class (actually, when we reach that point, I'll probably show the proof to the class, it's not too hard and the same diagram also gives us the proof of an angle bisector, as well as constructions of perpendicular lines.

But my bottom line is that I really don't want this student to sell himself short.

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