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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Sunday Search: algebra with pizzazz! answers 

I've seen more than a couple math teachers who like these. I'm still not crazy about them, if not a bit hostile. For the teacher using such a worksheet, one thing that's important to emphasize is what the objective is in doing the worksheet. The answers are not the objective! What's important is practicing the particular skill. Some of your brighter students will be able to come up with the answers without doing a single problem.

So if one of these worksheets are assigned, students should be required to show their work on the problems and the work is what should be checked, not the worksheet answers. Better still after giving the students some time to work on the worksheets (perhaps in groups), have them individually do 3 problems and collect those so that you have an accurate measure of the learning. Remember, that the purpose of a worksheet is to foster learning, not to fill time.

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