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Thursday, October 14, 2004

For those who are wondering 

I'm not dead, in fact, I'm actually quite a bit happier nowadays. That to me, is the clearest sign that teaching high school was probably not the correct path for me. Pretty much as soon as I got over the initial shock of losing my job, I was much happier. My wife has commented about how nice it is to have me back.

I've been working on finishing up a book on mathematical typesetting that I'd started some time ago that I'll probably self-publish. The market is small, but will likely purchase the book in sufficient quantities to net me a couple hundred dollars a month for a few years.

I'm looking at grad school options and will get applications in to six(!) schools in the next couple of months. The options are:

That last one is a bit of a long-shot: They rejected me as an undergrad. Actually, I'm expecting to get rejected by everyone but the CalStates on this go-round, but with a pure math MS and a demonstration of superior grad student abilities, I should be able to make a more creditable application next year. The CalState programs also have the advantage of leaving open the possibility of working full time while working on grad school which would be nice for the household finances.

I'll also look at taking the actuarial exam in the spring. I'll have to look for some sort of test prep as there's some stat stuff in the sample actuary exam that I don't really know (but I could easily learn in a few weeks).

Monday I re-take the general GRE (my most recent GRE score dates from the last century and is probably no longer valid), then in December, I take the Math GRE (I have the Princeton Review GRE book and have been using that to get an overview of what I need to know and review some skills. I've portioned it out so that I'll be done with the book two days before the exam and can then work through the two practice exams one day apiece before the actual test).

I've put in one application for a community college job and next week I'll be really pushing for adjunct work, but none of that is likely to make a difference between now and January, so I may do some office temp work or sell balloons or something to bring in some money in what's left of the year.

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